A Simplified Life

Alternative Title: Good Lord, How Did I Get Here?
    Hello, my name is Courtney and I have a spending problem that I feel is border lining on a hoarding problem. 
    The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so there.. I said it. (phewf, feels good to get that off the chest) To some an over spending problem doesn’t really seem like that big of a problem, but in my life it is and its a problem that has only increased with time. 
Okay let me get real with you humans of the interwebs, here’s some shitty things I have done that involves my little problem, some of which are worse than others. 
  • Spent over a thousand dollars of my loan money on clothes, mainly sweaters, in such a short amount of time that I did not have enough to pay my winter tuition on time. 
  • Spent so much of my pay check that I could not pay my phone bill
  • The same goes for gifts for people
  • I have spent so much on pay day that I had less than 3 dollars for two weeks 
  • I have more skincare and make up than I have face. I also have sensitive skin.. so I cannot use a lot of things (looking at you body shop’s tea tree oil collection) 
    Basically, I am shit with money and I need to get this fixed. I have a very large sum of student debt that will be getting bigger once I do my masters, if I continue my spending habits that debt will not be payed off as quickly as I would like, I will be unable to purchase a car or any kind of housing and my credit will be shot. Basically, my future will be greatly impacted by the my actions in the past and present. 
    The thing is, I know I have a spending problem and I have known for years. I have always said ” I am going to stop spending” or “I have going to be better with my money and keep a budget”… I always claim that I am going to be better with my money, it is always a part of my new years goals and even monthly goals. 
    What I am hoping to accomplish through this blog post (and what i hope to be a blog series) is knowing that I have put this out on the internet for anyone in the world to read and it will make me feel like I am being held responsible for this commitment.  
    I hope to make this a blog series as well, in the coming weeks there will be a few blog posts how I plan to tackle this journey. 

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