remember the simpler life post?

it never happened.. 
i don’t know what happened but i continued to spend money, more money than i should have on ridiculous things that i really didn’t need. 
my closet is now over flowing (even though i did a purge two months ago), my bookshelf has even more books that i haven’t read, my makeup and skincare stash aren’t that bad surprisingly. 
i’m not sure what to do, i am going to start a weekly budget next pay day and at least try to follow it? i mean after years of being horrible with my money and having terrible finance skills i feel like i should try to take things slow, like i shouldn’t dive into a full spending freeze. 
one thing that i am truly thankful for is that i do not (and should probably never) own a credit card. 
i think i mentioned this in my last post but my spending habits are only going to hurt my future, eventually i’ll have to move out or buy a car and i might not be able to make payments because i might have already spent all of my money on useless items. 
and eventually i could move in with my boyfriend, in the very distant future obviously, and my money habits could create problems for us. i might not have enough for rent or enough for groceries. 
money has recently been putting a lot of stress on me, i think i need some help and need to do something about it. 

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