hauling | one

casual sephora haul 
for christmas i received a sephora gift card from my sister’s boyfriend (he knows whats up) so i took that opportunity to spend much more than was on the card, here’s what i got:
the clinique make up remover and f.a.b cream cleanser i’ve been using for a while, i just ran out (though i bet there was more if i had cut it open) of the 2oz f.a.b and i’ve had it since june so i feel like the 5oz tube will last be absolute ages! and the makeup remover is just one of those standards that i always like to have around. 
i tested out the milk oil and the foundation when i got home today, the milk oil seemed to remove all my makeup but i might need to use more product so i don’t rub my face too hard. the foundation seems nice, i just have to find the right brush to apply it with. i think that once my face stops freaking out it will be a really nice foundation, it’s hard for a foundation or concealer when your face is really lumpy. 

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