why even start a blog?

the world of blogging is something that has interested me for many years, i follow a very large amount of blogs from so many different types of people. there’s mostly beauty and fashion blogs but there’s also lifestyle blogs, feminist blogs, food blogs,etc.  the idea that people are able to share their opinions, thoughts and feelings to a wide-spread audience (even if they choose to stay anonymous) is so wonderful to me, i find it so fascinating that i once wrote a final paper about the blogging community and how it has changed and impacted feminism.
i have found that i retain information about fashion or beauty products/trends but i don’t really have anyone to share them with so i thought sharing them on the internet may be a good idea, but then i wasn’t sure if i strictly wanted to have a beauty blog and then feel limited when i wanted to tell the world about this amazing movie i saw or go on a feminist rant (we all have those moments let’s be real here)
i guess the reason i started a blog was because blogs are something i loved and i wanted to be a part of the community. but, if we are being completely honest i think it might help with some of my anxiety problems (i’m sure we will get to eventually) and possibly help with my writing skills? and will hurt my hand less than writing all of my thoughts in a diary.
i have a tumblr, which i would say has a decent amount of followers, but i didn’t want to clog up their feeds with long posts about a book or a new eyeliner incase they didn’t really care. my fashion posts always seem to get a nice response on tumblr so i thought i could bring that over to a real blog too.
i don’t know if anyone is out there, but i think i’m okay with that. sometimes you want to share your thoughts and opinions, and just rant about whatever went wrong that day and i think that blogs are a great platform for that.
i’m still trying to decide what personal things will be on this blog, obviously you’ll see what i look like but i do not know if i’ll use code names or whatnot to keep the privacy of the people in my life. if i do end up using a code system i will make sure to post a legend for anyone who might be confused.
i’ve tried to do the whole blogging thing before but have always stepped away from it and left it for months, this time i am trying to keep the pressure extremely low.


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