exams, papers and depression

hi hello humans of the internets,
i suffer from depression + anxiety (officially undiagnosed due to fear/nervousness) and it greatly impacts my education.
it is quite common that near the end of the term for my depression to have a spike (not the proper terminology i’m sure) causing motivation to be very very very difficult to find. Most of the time I am able to power through it, but as I write this I have two papers due on wednesday that I have yet to start (but i have outlines and plans and just have to fill in the blanks) and an already late paper.
the thing about the late paper is that i am actually very interested in the topic, it’s about feminism in russia, but in general i have fallen behind in this class.

i always wonder if i should seek help, but i think the stigma surrounding mental illness (and also learning problems) in my family is making it difficult.

i am trying to keep positive but it is becoming increasingly difficult.


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