Four Things – Shopping Freeze

Okay, so as we all know I am currently on a shopping/spending freeze when it comes to fashion but it has come to my realization that within the next few weeks there are going to be four items that will be coming into my life. Only one of which I will be purchasing with my own money.

  1. A pair of black slip-on vans – I accidentally donated my fake ones and I truly have been missing them for months (this will be D’s birthday gift to me)
  2. A black t-shirt – You will see in the coming months how much black I wear so this is an essential item that I might be super picky about when choosing (this is what i asked my mother to buy me for my birthday)
  3. Rainboots – In an ideal world I would have a beautiful pair of Hunter Rainboots, and that could very well happen because one April goal (there’s more, stay tuned) is to buy a quality pair of rainboots that actually fit (this will be the thing I purchase myself)
  4. A set of matching pyjamas – I want a matching pyjama set that fits, I often have trouble with them fitting so I usually wear super old “t-shirt dresses” to bed (birthday + little easter gift from my mother)


I honestly don’t think I will be purchasing anything else for a while? There might be a high-waisted black denim short purchase in the summer but I’m still not sure about this.

Even if I do purchase something I will be following the “rules” I will be sticking by for any future shopping after my freeze is over – more on this later!



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