Summer Capsule Wardrobe – Update

So.. You know how I said my summer capsule wardrobe would be around 60 items because of the weird weather? Well, I thought about it more and now have a 40-45 piece capsule wardrobe.

So that’s my general update for you.
I’ll be posting all the items this week.


Summer Capsule Wardrobe – An Introduction

Let us try a capsule wardrobe season one more time.

Here’s some information about the summer capsule before we get started:

  • This capsule includes more items that normal (I think 60?) but they will not all be staying in my wardrobe. It is June currently in Nova Scotia but it is still incredibly cold so there are many days where I will need a sweater, hopefully the weather will change soon but until then I need to keep some more “transitional” items in my wardrobe.
  • There are a few items in my capsule that I tend to only wear when it is CRAZY hot (so mid-July) so I would say these also go into the “transitional” item category.
  • There are three items that I will be altering and trying to make work – the overalls, the Vegas shirt and the long floral dress. I wanted to include them because I assume that once I have them working around
  • My sister is getting married this summer so that is why I have a few more “dresses” in the capsule so that I can wear them/look appropriate for the events leading up to her wedding. I am not including my Maid of Honour dress because I do not have it yet/have no idea what it will be yet.
  • Some of the items are missing from the capsule pictures because it was laundry day when I took them but I’m pretty sure it’s like two shirts, a light sweater and a romper.  But I will try to post pictures of them soon.
  • There are a few items I may actually remove from my capsule, because I just noticed that I have 3 black tank tops that look incredibly similar. But I will keep you updated.


Like last season I will be posting all the items in different categories, every category will have their own post and at the end I will post a tally of what items I have.

Capsule Wardrobe Fail

I have failed my capsule wardrobe already, I failed 12 days in because I felt super spendy on my birthday and I was in a “treat yo’self” mood.  I will say that two things I bought were replacements for other items that needed replacement so I am not too upset about those pieces but I did not need the two tank tops I bought to be quite honest.

What do you guys do if you “fail” a challenge you set out for yourself? Would you have returned the clothes? Would you accept your mistake and move on?


… I don’t feel too much remorse about it.. Should I?

Spring Capsule Wardrobe – Bottoms

This morning I took pictures of every item in my spring cap (except for one t-shirt that I just cannot find and one pair of sweatpants) and I was just going to post them all in one post but I felt like that would be too much so I am going to divide them up into categories then do a “summary” at the end.

Today’s category is – Bottoms which is mostly jeans because one of my April goals is to wear every pair of my jeans at least once.

All of the jeans are from Forever21 they are their high-waisted skinny jeans/jeggings (they are constantly changing names and prices) and there is one pair of leggings in there that represent leggings in general because they are also my lounge wear, etc.