No Shame in Bailing

You know how I mentioned that I had already failed my Spring Capsule? Well… I failed it even more, I failed it so much that I think the best idea would be to bail and start again.

I need to solve my spending problem – just this weekend I bought two shirts. I somehow got back into my terrible habit of spending all of my paycheque two days after I got it. Thats not a good way to live, that is dangerous because now I have to borrow money from D to pay for my eye exam.

I need to change, I need to fix myself.

I’m not going to beat myself up about bailing on the capsule wardrobe and starting again, that’s fine and it happens, it was my first true capsule and I learned something. But I can’t pretend like I’m okay with my spending habits or that it’s okay that I went from having $450 to having $30 in a matter of days.

I think what I’m going to do is track my spending, everything I buy and everything that comes in and goes out. Maybe for a month, maybe longer – because I know that’s what they do on Money Moron and that’s what I am. I think seeing a professional would be a good idea but I’m not sure.

But I think it’s a mindset thing, I think my issue is in me – I need to figure out why my spending habits are like this and I need to find better, more productive ways of living.

Does anyone out there have any tips on how to stop a terrible terrible spending habit?


problem skin

i have some skin problems

let’s be real, most people have at least one problem with their skin.
my problem skin has always been.. well a problem. it started a few years ago, maybe around grade 10/grade 11 (up until that point my skin had nothing wrong with it other than one pimple around my  time of the month) it got bad, my entire right cheek was covered in painful pimples that would scar no matter what. to make matters worse; i’m a skin picker and it was bad at that time. 
i went to my doctor and we tried a lot of the topical creams, i think we tried most of them, but none of them worked and some of them made things much more angry. it was getting frustrating so my family doctor sent me to a dermatologist, who then put me on accutane (i might make a separate post talking about my experience with it because it seems to be a very iffy thing.) unfortunately, accutane did not work and also my dermatologist died (peacefully, he was an older man) so i went back to my doctor and she sent me to another dermatologist who told me that accutane wasn’t the best idea for me. so she put me on an antibiotic, told me to use certain products to cleanse and moisturize and she also gave me a topical cream that would help. i went back to see her around six month later and my skin had considerable cleared up, it was by no means perfect but it was better. 
i continued using what she had recommended but changed my cleanser to an origins one (that i still use once or twice a week), was gifted a clarisonic (actually helped but seems to be dying) and bought the emma hardie cleansing balm. that cleansing balm became my favourite thing ever, but i sadly cannot repurchase it because it would cost around $70. my skin was fine, nothing horrible happened, i had some redness and scarring but the only real blemish i had was hormonal. 
then i was taken off my birth control pills and put on a different one due to medical reasons (thanks migraines) my skin went bad when i was taken off the pills, my skin reacted worse when i was put on my new pills. 
i have been trying to combat it, and there are times when i think things are getting better. sometimes it’s rash like acne, sometimes it’s just full blown zits all over my face, sometimes its cystic-like acne. 
my skin used to be more on the dry side, it is now combination oily but it is also extremely sensitive and typically reacts badly to organic or “natural” products. 
i’ve stopped wearing makeup most of the time because it just makes things look worse and most of time i will end up with even more breakouts.
so the point of this post? 
one of my 2015 goals is to figure what the fuck is going on with my face, and i believe that will require another trip to both the doctor and the dermatologist. 
i will probably post a skin care routine next, might as well document what i have been using and whatnot.