Spring Capsule Wardrobe – Bottoms

This morning I took pictures of every item in my spring cap (except for one t-shirt that I just cannot find and one pair of sweatpants) and I was just going to post them all in one post but I felt like that would be too much so I am going to divide them up into categories then do a “summary” at the end.

Today’s category is – Bottoms which is mostly jeans because one of my April goals is to wear every pair of my jeans at least once.

All of the jeans are from Forever21 they are their high-waisted skinny jeans/jeggings (they are constantly changing names and prices) and there is one pair of leggings in there that represent leggings in general because they are also my lounge wear, etc.



what i wore – two

I wore clothes yesterday but didn’t take a full body picture so I thought this would be a good idea and it might be something I continue with my OOTD’s.

I looked like a cowboy and I loved it.

Jeans – Forever 21, T-shirt – Thrifted (Originally Walmart), Bandana – Walmart


Four Things – Shopping Freeze

Okay, so as we all know I am currently on a shopping/spending freeze when it comes to fashion but it has come to my realization that within the next few weeks there are going to be four items that will be coming into my life. Only one of which I will be purchasing with my own money.

  1. A pair of black slip-on vans – I accidentally donated my fake ones and I truly have been missing them for months (this will be D’s birthday gift to me)
  2. A black t-shirt – You will see in the coming months how much black I wear so this is an essential item that I might be super picky about when choosing (this is what i asked my mother to buy me for my birthday)
  3. Rainboots – In an ideal world I would have a beautiful pair of Hunter Rainboots, and that could very well happen because one April goal (there’s more, stay tuned) is to buy a quality pair of rainboots that actually fit (this will be the thing I purchase myself)
  4. A set of matching pyjamas – I want a matching pyjama set that fits, I often have trouble with them fitting so I usually wear super old “t-shirt dresses” to bed (birthday + little easter gift from my mother)


I honestly don’t think I will be purchasing anything else for a while? There might be a high-waisted black denim short purchase in the summer but I’m still not sure about this.

Even if I do purchase something I will be following the “rules” I will be sticking by for any future shopping after my freeze is over – more on this later!


what i wore today – one

Here’s my first outfit since starting my closet project.

I have had this shirt for almost a year and this is the first time I’ve worn it, that is the case for a lot of my clothes. But I really liked this shirt, I feel like it’s pretty versatile and I hope I will get a lot of use out of it.


Shirt – Old Navy, Jeans – Forever21, Sweater – Thrifted (Reitmans)


STOP! DROP and please don’t shop

Something came over me this weekend, maybe I was looking too long at my closet but I realized that even after decluttering and donating so many items of clothing and trying to be careful with what I put into my closet but it is still packed full of clothes (not including my summer clothes)

But the thing is – I have tried on every.single.item in that closet and somehow I have rationalized keeping these items that I haven’t worn in months. I think I’m struggling with the fact that currently I’m working in a place that has uniforms so I only really get dressed 3 (if that) of the 7 days, but I am constantly looking for other work. But at the same time I don’t want to make excuses for the state of my closet or my spending problem.

Recently I’ve done pretty good with my spending habit so I am proud of myself, I think the idea of the capsule wardrobe is really helpful.

As of right now – I am on an indefinite clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I will hopefully do monthly check ins. I know for sure that I want to catalogue every single piece of clothing I own and I want to do that whole “if you wear it turn the hanger around” thing because that seems logical?

Stay tuned for my updates about this, and maybe some “challenge rules”, also my catalogue will be up soon. ( I might also do it in video format because it could be helpful)



make up declutter and overhaul (part one*)

friday night before D came to pick me up i completely decluttered my makeup collection – unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of the before but it was bad, there was so much makeup i used once and items i used to use a lot but now didn’t look right. a few months ago i did a giant declutter of my makeup collection but i wasn’t as ruthless as i should have been.

tbh – i love makeup, i love watching make up videos but i hardly ever wear it. so why did i have such a huge collection? girl idk.

here is what my “current” make up collection looks likeĀ overview

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2017 yearly goals

ideally i would have done a reflection on my 2016 goals before sharing my 2017 ones but i have no idea where i put my list and the only one i can fully remember is “read 25 books” (which hell ya i did) so i’ll just share this years goals with two purposes in mind 1) have them written in a place that cannot be lost and can easily be looked at throughout the year (i’m thinking a check up every three months) and 2) some of them can really incorporate into blogging which is in itself a goal

okay so here’s my goals for 2017

  • save at least $3000 (i think this will be changed to $1500 because it is the first time i’ve saved a large junk of money)
  • declutter more
  • make less waste
  • read 30 books
  • do not buy any clothes/shoes unless NEEDED (if needed: thrifted or local or ethically made)
  • read mainly library books and books from my own collection
  • watch 15 movies
  • do documentary sundays
  • convert to a mostly vegetarian lifestyle
  • read more non-fiction
  • read more plath and poetry in general
  • be healthier in general (mentally would be best, i am a mess)
  • do yoga and meditate and sometimes go on walks
  • finish harry potter + star wars + lord of the rings
  • follow a strict budget
  • bring a reusable tote bag and reusable drinkware everywhere!
  • limit plastic straws
  • don’t read more than two books at a time
  • blog?
  • plant based (+less) beauty
  • start an emergency fund
  • stop eating packaged popcorn


so… those are my goals for this year. it seems like a lot but a lot of them go together and basically the theme is “stop being a little shit! stop spending your money on dumb things and save the planet!”